which fit?


which fit?

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You can measure inches or centimeters, just use the same units for both measurements. True Inseam is typically an inch or 2 longer than your pants inseam. It's measured barefoot, from the floor to your pubic bone.

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A bike that fits you simply rides better. It is comfortable, stable, handles predictably. It meets you where you are as a rider, it doesn't ask you to adapt to it.


First, we aren't building custom bikes, so our process doesn't require crazy amounts of detail from you. What we offer is a tailored fit, akin to buying a shirt where you have the options of fitted, regular, tall and the like. 

We have a  simple process helps us understand who you are as a rider and what kind of posture is best suited to you and your riding ambitions. We use this process to match you to one of our fits. Each fit takes into account your Personality, Flexibility and Body Type as each factor is equally important in making sure you are comfortable on your new bike.


Take our simple 3 question assessment to find your proper fit. Use the widget on the right to calculate your Fit Index to answer the third question of the assessment. Scroll down to start.

Which bikes are currently available in my fit?

Our goal is to offer every bike in each fit. That way you can have the bike you want, in the fit you need. However being a small company, we had to make choices about the amount of inventory we could bring in. So we chose to bring in the fits that we thought would be the most popular for each platform.

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This decision tree powers the quiz.