No 2 Women are Built Alike

Posted by Ryan Cate on

I'd like to take on this notion that women need a women's specific Geometry. The big industry secret is that there is no such thing as women's specific because no two women are built the same. Women's body proportions vary just as much as men's proportions do, if not more so. Women and Men are human people and every human person varies from one to another. 

We came across an article titled, "Hey bike industry, we aren't Barbie dolls" while doing research for our frame geometry development. In this article, Elly Blue explains that there really is no basis for the current crop of women's bike geometry. Worse yet, the prevailing theories on women's proportions are based upon idealized beauty and reinforce unrealistic body images.  Elly, we couldn't agree more. Not every woman is the leggy "ideal". Remember that women are people and with people, there is no normal.

Well this part of the industry is listening. We focus on helping you get a great fitting bike for your specific body proportion, personality and flexibility. By answering a few simple questions, we help guide you to your body's ideal fit. It's not a perfect system because it's not fully custom, but we'll get you in a much better position than you were in before. Just remember that the only driver of your fit is your specific body, and there is no normal and no you're not weird.

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