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At FitWell, we take fit seriously. Everybody rides for different reasons, but universally, being comfortable on the bike is critical to enjoyment. Our family lines help you get the most out of your riding experience, we match you to a fit profile and then apply that fit to the style of bike. This ensures the bike is maximized for you, regardless of the discipline.

Using your fit profile: Alex, Drew, Riley or Morgan discovery the bike designed for you. Unsure of your fit?

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Rough Road Family

The Fahrlanders are a tough family. They are ready ferry you over any road en route to your destination. We build them to get your center of gravity low to keep stability and confidence high. Clearance for wide tires allows for maximum traction. The cromo frame gives a classic road feel that is perfect for long rides along with 3 water bottle mounts and rack and fender braze ons. The Fahrlanders are ready for any ride on any road.

Available Fits Alex Drew Riley/Morgan

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"No Road" Family

The Schratz is our family of steel, disc brake, go anywhere, rough and tumble, monstercross bikes. It's a little metal and a little hip hop and a whole lot of pop. It's a mountain bike designed for the road, It's a road bike that will take you where there are no roads. You can set up your Schratz in endless ways so you can get it perfect for your home turf. Turn your Schratz into an ultra comfortable Road+ bike with some fat slicks, suspension fork and a full sized road drive train. Toss on some knobs and a 1x setup to take it mountain biking. Lighten it up with a rigid fork to make it a ripping gravel grinder. The possibilities are endless. We spec the bike rigid, with a cross crankset and a wide ranged 11-32 cassette to give it a good balance of abilities right out of the box. How will you make it your own?

Available Fits Alex  Drew Riley/Morgan

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Paved Road Family

The DeGroots are a driven family. Their lightweight aluminum alloy frames return all your effort into personal bests and KOM's. Built around you they ensure stability and easily handling. Equipped with wide tires and rims they will keep you connected to the road while maintaining a nice light feel. And Finally, a full Shimano compnent group ensures you don't miss a shift moving forward.

Available Fits Alex  Drew

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